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    Saros Gulf, with its clean sea extending from the Gelibolu Peninsula to Enez, wide and sandy beaches and cool water is one of the ideal places for holiday and also a natural protected area. Erikli Beach (Altınkum), one of the longest beaches of Türkiye, lies in the Saros Gulf, which is very rich in terms of living species due to the high oxygen content of its waters and the rivers bringing abundant nutrient salts.

    Three types of air you will enjoy in the Saros. One is the calming iodine and seaweed-scented sea air, the other is the refreshing mountain air from Kaz Mountain, and the third is the forest air that burns your nostrils and embraces you.

    Saros Gulf and the National Parks in Edirne offer a range of leisure and sports activities for nature lovers. Surfing and sailing are very popular in Saros Bay, and there are also many diving points. Especially due to its proximity to İstanbul, Saros is one of the most preferred destination for divers of all levels, and there are beautiful holiday resorts on the shores of Saros. It is possible to do alternative tourism activities such as hiking, underwater photography, bird watching and diving on the coastline.

    Also smell in Edirne

    • Lavender fields
    • Salty sea of Saros Gulf
    • Söğütlük Forest
    • Mis Soap of Edirne
    • Sunflower Fields
    • Meriç and Tunca Rivers
    • Gala Lake
    • Korudağ Forests
    • Söğütlük City Forest
    • Sarayiçi Tavuk Forest