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  • 10 vibes for Edirne

    like locals

    Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex: Constructed by the architect Mimar Sinan between 1569 and 1575, the Selimiye Mosque and its complex are inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List in 2011.

    Saros Gulf: Saros Gulf, with its clean sea extending from the Gelibolu Peninsula to Enez, wide and sandy beaches and cool water is one of the ideal places for holiday and a natural protected area.

    Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival: The Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival is an annual tournament held in Edirne. It holds the Guinness Book of Records title for the longest consecutively held sporting event in the world.

    Bridges of Edirne: It is not surprising that bridges come to mind when talking about Edirne. Surrounded by the rivers of Arda, Tunca, Meriç and Ergene, the bridges of the city are also the witnesses of a great historical heritage.

    Erikli Beach: Erikli Beach is a blue flag beach located in Saros Bay, 2,5 km from Erikli Village, a village in Keşan district. Erikli Coast is one of the aegean sea coastlines in Thrace and it has the crystal-clear water.

    Kakava Festival and Hıdırellez: Hıdırellez is celebrated in Türkiye, on May 5 night and falls on May 6 and it celebrates the arrival of spring. It actually celebrated as the day on which the Prophets Hızır (Khidr) and İlyas (Elijah) met on Earth. In Edirne, Kakava celebration took nowadays the form of an international festival, to celebrate the Hıdırellez.

    Diving in İbrice Harbour: İbrice is a popular diving spot in Saros Bay. You’ll find almost 20 different spots in İbrice and discover the underwater of Turkish Aegean coasts!

    Gala Lake National Parks: The national park covers an area consisting of 3090 hectares of wetland (Big Gala Lake, Small Gala Lake, Pamuk Lake) and 3000 hectares of forest (Hisli Mountain).

    Edirne Liver: It is one of the most popular dishes of Edirne cuisine. It is prepared by frying the finely cut liver in sunflower oil produced in Edirne. Red peppers, also unique to Edirne, are fried and served together.

    Edirne Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum: The first museum in Edirne was opened with the name Archaeology Museum in 1925 upon the order of Atatürk. It was constructed together with Selimiye Mosque in between 1569 - 1575 in the courtyard of Selimiye Mosque and it is the work of Mimar Sinan.